Hello and welcome to the Diaries of a Lady Gardener podcast! 

The podcast began from a love of growing and the need of an excuse to talk to other plant-obsessed people across the UK and has grown into something more than I ever expected. Through three seasons and more than 30 episodes, I've learnt so much about gardening as a hobby, as a profession and why we're all so bloody obsessed with it. Season four is currently being recorded, so keep your eyes peeled or sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to know when the new episode goes live.


Hosted by accidental allotmenteer Shannon (otherwise known as @diaryofaladygardener), the podcast is a great chance to get to know some of your favourite gardeners from the Instagram community, budding entrepreneurs in the horticultural industry and lots of other fabulous planty people. Each week is packed with inspiration, from sustainable flower farms and growing your own wedding food, to the business of herbs and taking a leap of faith into a new career in the garden. Expect a lot of laughter over the things we do in the name of plants, stories of grand garden fails, spectacular successes and everything in between.

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